Get to the Hoppa

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Best Before Date: 1 July 2025

Get to the Hoppa - New England IPA 

Can you hear him scream, “GET TO THE HOPPA!”? You need to get into the hoppa, fly away, and go and get more hops!  We want more fruitiness, more citrusy flavors, and more freshness! Get To The Hoppa gives you exactly that, a New England IPA fresh as can be!

Fruity aromas take center stage in the Get to the Hoppa by using New World hops. You can perceive the flavors of stone fruit like mango, citrus, and tropical fruit. No fruits are added though, the flavor is all coming from the hops! The beer is completely turbid, with a light, shiny color and has a smooth silkiness, achieved by using three different flaked grains.

This recipe includes dry-hopping. Minimum fermentation time: 10 Days