Astonishingly clever machine that turns fresh ingredients into chilled consistently fresh craft beers!

Exclusive Discount for First Gen 3 Orders. Expected delivery period start from March 2024


With MiniBrew you can brew superb quality beer in your own kitchen. From grain to glass, Minibrew minimizes the pains of homebrewing while maximizing your enjoyment, learning experience and free time.

Automated Smart Brewing

From beer enthusiast to serious brewing experts. Brewing quality craft-beer recipes is clean, easy and fun with the MiniBrew:

  • The worlds' first all-in-one machine
  • Automated mashing cycle
  • Automated boiling & cooling cycle
  • Automated up to 6 ingredient additions
  • All natural ingredients, no extracts used

Setup takes 5-10min, brewing takes 3-5h

Smart Keg Controls Fermentation

The industry-first automatic fermentation is fully run by our state of the art Smart Keg.

  • Automates the temperature cycle per specific recipe
  • High & Low temperature fermentation
  • Insulated keg allows outside temp of 5-25deg
  • Monitor progress with our app & portal
  • Control multiple smart kegs to ferment, store and serve different recipes in parallel

Fermenting takes 10-25 days, depending on the recipe


Brewing used to be a lot of cleaning. But no more! The MiniBrew rinses and cleans itself, making professional level brewing quality accessible from your kitchen.

Self-rising before brewing

Self-cleaning after brewing

Trub-container to remove yeast

All the Fun, without the Hassle

  • Parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Keeps light & air out to prevent oxidation /contamination
  • All-in-one machine means no need to transfer ingredients (eg. wort)

Store & Tap Directly with Smart Keg

Smart Keg is ready to deliver tapped beer at the perfect temperature. Enjoy your beer wherever you want or store it under optimal conditions.

  • Drinking & storage temp. optimised per beer
  • 2 fingers of smooth foam with CO2 canister
  • Serve up to 17 glasses per keg (5.5L)
  • Preserve your craft beer for 1 to 3 months*
  • Easy to carry keg keeps your beer cool

 *depending on specific craft-beer

Check-ins at Untapped

IOS app and Android (private beta)


Our iPhone/Android app guides you every step of the way and controls the entire brewing & fermentation process. Find the craft-recipe you want, order the brew-pack and start brewing.

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With a Pro-membership you can create your own recipe and publish them in the community.



With a Pro-membership you get access to the MiniBrew community and more control over the entire brewing process.



With a Pro-membership you publish your recipes in community and pick other recipes from award winning breweries or users.

3 months free pro-membership with

6 months free pro-membership with

You can upgrade your CRAFT GEN 3 account with the Pro Membership

Pricing starts from €8,50 monthly or €89 annually

Membership are automatically renewed. You can cancel anytime

Supreme Built Quality

MiniBrew has been designed & engineered in the Netherlands and comes with 2 years warranty. We also stock essential replacement parts as needed.

Pays for itself in 2 years

At around 0.90ct per special craft-beer (0,3cl) and around 5 beers per week, a MiniBrew pays for itself in less than 2 years time. 

Exclusive Discount for first CRAFT Gen 3 Orders


If I place an order now, when will you be able to deliver my MiniBrew?

Due to the high demand, we have sold out our production batches more quickly than anticipated. It is already possible to order the new and improved production batches, but since production is still catching up and COVID didn’t make this easier, it can take a couple of weeks extra than our usual delivery period. Please refer to the delivery estimate on the specific product page itself.

What countries do you sell, ship and offer service to?

We ship to countries within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and offer full services, such as verified certification by TUV, 7 days support and repair service. 

We ship to few countries outside the EU such as Australia, Canada,USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore with limited service (eu support hours, self repair option and local import tax required)

All orders are processed after the stated delivery date on the website. Orders are shipped or delivered on weekends, but not on holidays. After adding the order to your cart shipping cost can be calculated. Packages are mainly shipped by PostNL or DHL, unless otherwise stated. 

If you are interested in placing a larger order (50+ machines) or want to become a distributor for a country not on the list yet, we might be able to accommodate a wider range of countries. Please contact us directly at: and we will do our best to see how we can best assist you.

What happens to my machine if the business will be discontinued?

If we’d be ever forced to discontinue the business, we’d make sure you could keep using your MiniBrew. The software that we own and maintain would be made open-source and free to everyone so that all our users can continue to brew. It would then be up to the community to finance the software, as is the case with all open-source software.

How do I operate the MiniBrew with my phone or computer?

The MiniBrew is a smart brewing machine, meaning it gets better over time with our over-the-air-updates and you can control and monitor the entire brewing process via our smart brewing software. You can operate the machine through our free iOS App Android (private Beta) and through the Pro Membership software on any internet browser. With WiFi you can easily connect the Base Station and Smart Keg to the MiniBrew App and/or Pro-environment. To start brewing beer you require a WiFi signal and a water connection. If the WiFi is unstable or you lose connection during brewing, you’re still able to keep brewing beer because of the Machine’s built in memory.

It’s best to start out using one of our Brew Packs, which are craft beer recipes we tweaked together with premium breweries and made available for you in a handy package so it’s a breeze to get your (first) brews up and running. You can order our high quality Brew Packs via our webshop or directly inside our iOS App.

Once you get going, the Pro Membership paid-subscription is available on all machines and allows you to create your own recipes and get access to our active brewing community with over 10.000 craft beer recipes. Becoming a master brewer has never been easier. Click here for more information or purchasing a Pro Membership Subscription.

How can I brew my own recipes with my own ingredients?

It’s best to start out using one of our Brew Packs, which are craft beer recipes we tweaked together with premium breweries and made available for you in a handy package so it’s a breeze to get your (first) brews up and running. You can order our high quality Brew Packs via our webshop or directly inside our iOS App.Once you get going, the Pro Membership paid-subscription (available on all machines) allows you to create your own recipes and get access to our active brewing community with over 10.000 craft beer recipes. Click here for more information or purchasing a Pro Membership Subscription. Becoming a master brewer has never been easier. You can start with tweaking some of our existing Brew Packs further to your liking or you can select one of the countless available community recipes and make it your own. You can also create and customise your complete own recipes, adding hops, yeast and spices to create your ultimate craft beer. You can then share your recipes and exchange tips in our active brewing Pro Member community, further honing your craftsmanship and learning & inspiring each other.Here is a quick overview of suggestions that exist to prevent technical issues such as blockages that could ruin your brew altogether. The Pro Membership software will also help you through this recipe creation process.When grinding your own malt, we recommend the standard dry basis coarse grind (DBCG) which can be achieved with a gap setting of between 1 mm and 0.7 mm.The total malt bill per mash must be between 1200g-2300g (including adjuncts and fermentables).Dry hopping can be done at any time during fermentation. Up to 60g can be added throughout fermentation. An extra trub removal needs to be performed for every 10g. Bear in mind that each trub removal can reduce the total volume of your beer by 10-150ml, depending on the amount of matter inside.Additional yeasts can be added during secondary fermentation as well as primary.The water used for brewing must not contain Chlorine or Antibiotics. The water used for brewing never comes in contact with the water that comes through the inlet at the back of the machine. As such, if you wish to treat the water you add into the Smart Keg and the pre-mix (moisturizing the malt) to match a certain water profile, you can.

Can I bottle my homemade beer or can I only serve it from the Smart Keg?

The MiniBrew Smart Keg is designed to control the entire fermentation process and to then store and serve your beer at the perfect drinking temperature. The well insulated Smart Keg allows for an outside/ambient temperature range between 5 and 25 deg celsius. With the double easy carrying grips you can carry up to 5L of beer and bring the bar to you.

With multiple Smart Kegs, you can ferment, store and serve different recipes in parallel using the same base! Get a Minibrew Craft Pro or MiniBrew Craft Pro+ or simply order an additional Smart Keg for this.

We always recommend serving directly from your Smart Keg, this ensures you have the freshest beer possible. However, members of our active Pro Membership community have seen good results bottling their beer using beer guns with sanitizer.

How long does it take to finish a brew?

The beauty of craft beer is that every single one is unique! The MiniBrew has been designed as a smart brewing system to make brewing high quality craft beer at home accessible to anyone. The time it takes to brew strongly depends on the beer you’re brewing, with the shorters recipes taking around 9,5 days and some of the longer recipes taking up to 25 days.

Brew Day takes around 4-6 hours hours, but you’ll only be actively brewing for about 40 mins. Our iOS app and/or Pro Membership let’s you know when you need to get moving again, so you are able to do other things in parallel. The fermentation takes a minimum of 9,5 days where here and there some input will be required by the brewer (e.g. adding hops and removing the trub container), but no more than around 20 mins in total. Make sure to add your fresh Craft-beer Tasting Day to your calendar and invite your friends to enjoy your craftsmanship!

How many beers can I make and what’s the cost?

Each Smart Keg will give you approximately 5 Liters of beer. This is the same amount for Brew Packs and your own recipes. The typically recommended glass for each beer style differs in size. As an example, you would be able to serve about 16-17 glasses of 300 ml.

The price of a beer depends on the price of ingredients. One glass of craft beer should cost you between €0.60 - €2.00.

What are the operating and performance conditions?

The Minibrew Base Station will function within specification within the following conditions:

• Ambient temperature: +15 °C till +25°C• Ambient air humidity: 30 %Rh / 80 %Rh• Altitude: up to 2000m above sea level• Water inlet pressure: 2Bar - 6Bar• Water inlet temperature: +1°C / + 20°C

The Minibrew Smart Keg will function within specification within the following conditions:

• Ambient Temperature: +5 °C / +22°C• Ambient air humidity: 30 %Rh / 80 %Rh• Inlet voltage: 12VDC -5% / +5%• Altitude: -300m to 2500m compared to sea level

The Smart Keg has a maximum cooling power of 17°C. In most cases, you are required to cold-crash your beer to < 5°C and to a serving temperature of 5-8°C.

Base station Plug 220V - ~240V (EU)
Smart Keg Adapter: 110V - ~240V
EU plug

50/60 Hz

Base station: 1200 Watt - 1300 Watt


540,840 +

Beers brewed by MiniBrewers


Original craft beer recipes created


Machines delivered since 2017



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